A bit about me

Hello my name is Shahd Zubier I'm from Saudi Arabia, and I was born in Bangor, Maine. I studied most of my elementary years of school in Bangor afterthat I continued my education in Saudi Arabia. My interests are cooking, music, and watching movies and series. I extremely love music, I listen mostly to pop, hip-hop, and rnb. I have a soft spot for animals (especially cats), I adopted a kitten about a year ago, and I love him to death! I enjoy cooking, because I like to explore new recipes. The Food Network Channel is always on at my house. My favorite foods are sushi, burritos, pastas in general, pizza, and ice cream (I know that's alot!)

I am currently a Junior studying Graphic Design. In my first year of studying graphic design, aside from school, I started designing logos helping family members with their business. My mother had started a bakery business from home and my aunt started a clothing line and I made them both logos so they could start creating their own brand and identity. I later helped them apply the logos to business cards, stickers, and bags. my dream is to help small businesses like these stand out and become well-known. I enjoy seeing them succeed and expand but what I enjoy most is being a part of it.

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